The Quick and the Dead

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Genre Action
Year 1995
Duration 107 min
Rating 6.1 out of 10
Description: Ellen, an unknown female gunslinger rides into a small, dingy and depressing prairie town with a secret as to her reason for showing up. Shortly after her arrival, a local preacher, Cort, is thrown through the saloon doors while townfolk are signing up for a gun competition. The pot is a huge sum of money and the only rule: that you follow the rules of the man that set up the contest, Herod. Herod is also the owner, leader, and "ruler" of the town. Seems he's arranged this little gun-show-off so that the preacher (who use to be an outlaw and rode with Herod) will have to fight again. Cort refuses to ever use a gun to kill again and Herod, acknowledging Cort as one of the best, is determined to alter this line of thinking ... even if it gets someone killed ...
Comments: I really like this movie. With Raimi directing, some of the best shots in western pictures has been shown...slightly different...

Sharon Stone is here female Clint Eastwood in 'spaghetti' western, the only thing is missing is Clint's eyes. Excellent camera, Gene Hackman is brilliant as a villain, De Caprio's role is also strong - a kid without loving father...

Rusell Crowe in this picture is really interesting - Sharon Stone allegedly insist of him in this movie... He plays someone who has change his evil ways - another cliche of western... Scenes of gunfights are great - dynamic, temperament and with weird Raimi's sense of art.

Many shots are just like comic book - very rich and filled with many details...

Very intelligent and smart picture. 10/10