Peter Kay Live at the Bolton Albert Halls

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Genre Comedy
Year 2003
Duration 84 min
Rating 9.0 out of 10
Comments: I saw this guy for the first time on the DVD "Live At Bolton", and would now rank him in the top three comedians I have ever heard in my life! Everything about his show was funny and uplifting, From his running for a bus to, well....I won't spoil the surprises, I swear he will have you and your whole family in Knots. A truly naturally funny man in every sense. He also does some superb impersonations including Jim Bowen(presented bullseye) and a very good one of a typical drunk uncle at a party. Another notable talent he has is that he hardly swears during his show. I say notable because a lot of comedians use swearing as a driving force for their comedy but this guy doesn't need to. There are only a few other British comedians out there that can touch this guy, one of them being The Big Yin himself, Billy Connolly and Lee Evans being the other one and I think with his upbeat personality and well timed wit he will go far! Out of 10.... 9.5, Superb!