Jersey Girl

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Genre Teen
Year 2004
Duration 102 min
Rating 6.4 out of 10
Description: In New York, the young executive Oliver "Ollie" Trinke (Ben Affleck) is a successful PR of the music industry. He meets and falls in love for Gertrude Steiney (Jennifer Lopez), who soon gets pregnant. However, she dies in the childbirth and Ollie decides to return to his father's home in New Jersey. Pressed by the situation of lonely father, the workaholic Ollie blows-up in an important press conference and makes a fatal statement, losing his job and becoming blacklisted in his publicist career. He promises to be the "best father in the world" to the young Gertie, and stays single, grieving his beloved wife, without dating any woman for seven years and trying to retrieve a position of public relation. One day, he meets the rental clerk Maya (Liv Tyler), they become friends and she helps him to supersede his past life.
Comments: For everyone who went to see this movie basing their opinion on Ben's previous movie shame on you. Jersey Girl is a great movie. The cast is great and Kevin Smith is a wonderful director. I love Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Folks sometimes forget that we go to the movies to relax and forget our troubles. If I want to get educated or have someone lecture Me I will go back to school. I think people forget that sometimes and take everything way to seriously. We need more feel good movies that aren't preachy because if you want to be preached at you go to church and listen to your pastor.This is one of those feel good movies. Good Luck Ben and Kevin.