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Genre Sci-Fi
Year 1991
Duration 101 min
Rating 5.5 out of 10
Description: Hauer's character has been convicted of stealing millions of dollars of diamonds which have not been recovered. In his uni-sex prison, each inmate has an unknown partner; when the two are separated by more than 100 yards, an explosive collar kills both inmates. Hauer and his female partner escape and head for the money, but they are hotly pursued by Hauer's double crossing colleagues.
Comments: This movie is about a prison, where the prisoners get a special collar. They are "linked" with another prisoner (but don't know which one). If they try to escape, and are too far away from each other, the collars explode. Rutger Hauer plays a guy who robs 25 million worth of diamonds, but gets double-crossed, and ends up in prison. The first part is your basic prison movie, later as Hauer escapes with his 'collar buddy' the movie turns into a fugitive movie where they are chased through the United States. Although I like the collar idea (which isn't original; it was used in The Running Man for instance), the movie is executed very poorly. The characters lack interest, and most are played very bad. The script is boring, and so are the one-liners. You've seen it all before, only better. Some might still enjoy this movie, but I seriously recommend to avoid it.