Two Weeks Notice

Details & Information from IMDB

Genre RomCom
Year 2002
Duration 101 min
Rating 5.7 out of 10
Description: Bullock stars as Lucy Kelson, Chief Counsel for the Wade Corporation, one of New York City's top commercial real estate developers. She's a brilliant lawyer with a sharp, strategic mind. She also has an ulcer and doesn't get much sleep. It's not the job that's getting to her. It's her millionaire boss, George Wade (Hugh Grant). Handsome, charming and undeniably self-absorbed, he treats her more like a nanny than a Harvard Law grad and can barely choose a tie without her help. Now, after one year of calling the shots-on everything from his clothes to his divorce settlements - Lucy Kelson is calling it quits.
Comments: When you go to see a film like Two Weeks Notice, you shouldn't expect a brilliant academy award worthy story, nor a action packed thriller, or scary horror movie. You expected a, well, chick flick... I use that term as I lack a better one.

With that said, Two Weeks Notice delivers what is expected of it. It has it's one liners, Sandra and Hugh both give good preformances, and its an overall "awww, aint that cute" film.

I do appreciate the atmosphere of Two Weeks Notice, and also state that it is worth the 9.00 dollars to see it, if you know what your looking for... I mean, come on... This is not the next Bond film here!!!

Overall, well made! I'm glad to be able to give this little sucker a: