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Genre Comedy
Year 2003
Duration 99 min
Rating 5.5 out of 10
Description: Jamie, a sharp-witted, sexy young woman, is a self-described "jerk magnet." She makes a living as a namer - she gives products their identity. But she's very confused about her own. When she finds herself in a love triangle with two seemingly decent men, she struggles to make the right choice.
Comments: I saw "Easy" tonight in a Los Angeles theater. But it was not "easy" to watch. I'm perhaps more touchy than most to minor flaws. But this film had enough minor flaws to become annoying. I won't regurgitate all but the chronology and continuity issues felt uncomfortable. In an early scene we see a character who is not noticeably pregnant. Yet by the second half of the film, which by the scripted dialogue is about 10 weeks later, that same character goes into labor. I've heard of "time compression" as a cinematic scheme, but jeez!

The characters felt contrived in their political correctness. I appreciate the sincerity of the writer/director's intention but this is a film presented as vignette, a slice of life, not TV commercial propaganda. 1) The film is shot almost entirely in West Los Angeles. The last of the independent bookstores, Dutton's, allowed them to shoot for free in its Brentwood location. I know the middle-aged white guy who owns it. But the director felt it important to make the owner a chic black woman. 2) All of the ex-lovers of the 25 year-old super hot & charming leading lady (Marguerite Moreau) are hunky young semi-literate WASP's. But suddenly she's swept off her feet by a somewhat homely 35-year old Indian (Iraqi in the TV show "Lost") poetry professor (Naveen Andrews). 3) Although the facially beautiful, slender and ultra-charming protagonist, in real life, would have guys lining up to compete for her favors, the film script describes a desperate loser who is universally rejected by guys - which is later justified because her "mother committed suicide."

And maybe it's just me but almost every so-called twist and turn in the 'Easy' plot was rather easily predicted. Predictable is not exciting. A dull and predictable Stock Market is wonderful but it's just not fun cinema.

There were four saving graces for this film. The first is clearly the authentic performance of a talented, radiant and irresistible leading lady. Second was the film's quirky and revealing portrayal of character and personality. Third (only discovered ex post facto) was that, considering its low budget ($750k) and minimal shoot time (21 days), the director and crew had to work some magic. And finally but fortunately, the producer of the film, Gloria Norris, spoke before the audience at the end of the film. She seemed intelligent, gentle and sincere. In cinema or elsewhere, that's worthy of some applause.