13 Going On 30

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Genre Teen
Year 2004
Duration 98 min
Rating 6.3 out of 10
Description: Jenna Rink is an ultra-adorable naive 13-year old who envies the 'cool' popular girls at school and would do absolutely ANYTHING to be accepted in that group. Her best friend and ardent adorer, Matt, is (in her mind) part and parcel of her uncool persona and (we're led to believe)is an associate she's quite willing to lose in order to gain admiration from the cool set. Before she has occasion to actually dump him, however, a bit of 'magic'(initiated by her heart of heart wish) relocates Jenna into adulthood. She wakes up to find she's thirty, beautiful, a successful magazine editor at her fav publication, and has a hockey-player celebrity boyfriend and (seemingly) all she ever wished for. Of course, as it so often does, life has thrown Jenna some serious curves and dealt her some cards she didn't count on or particularly want. She's become sneaky, selfish, and has virtually rejected her family and the friend (Matt) who meant the most to her in exchange for her 'wishes come true'. As her 13-year-old mentality recognizes her adult 'profits and losses' she is heartbroken and wants only to return to her early teen innocence. And of course, as must be the case in truly 'feel good' movies, she gets her opportunity to make things right. This film is a real heart-warmer, especially for all those who remember the awkward teenage years as well as for all of us who have made poor choices along the way which we wish we could change. Just watching Jenna make good use of that opportunity makes us feel better, allowing us to realize how great it would feel.
Comments: It's impossible to imagine this film with anyone other than Jennifer Garner in the lead role - she shines so brightly and so brilliantly in every scene, elevating what would most likely have been a flat and shallow affair without the seemingly-effortless magic of her performance.

Not that the other players weren't good - Mark Ruffalo came off great here and the rest of the cast was fine, no problems with anyone, it's just that the story (or the telling of it) wasn't exactly original or inspired. No matter, what with Garner lighting up the screen; she's a charmer alright, with her superb comic timing, her infectious warmth and her natural talent for making the audience care deeply about her - you can't learn these things in any acting school on any planet.