Bad Education

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Genre Comedy
Year 2012
Duration 168 min
Rating 7.3 out of 10
Comments: I'll give this terrible education an 8; a score given almost entirely on the value of dialogue. In every concept this show is plainly, used, but the stereotypes stay fresh with a stream of static wit. Banter fights back and forth from start to finish. The character palette is too robust to ever stay looking at one color for long. Characters are stably defined, and growth among any of them is highly unlikely. But as they interact, the extreme envelopes them as you get to sit and watch these kids ride toward utter nothingness mislead by a teacher who seems to be skilled in absolutely nothing but responding to any situation, anywhere, instantly and in the worst way possible. I suggest checking it out if dialogue is your thing the British have been doing it a long time. ~Ideophobe