I Just Want My Pants Back - Series 1

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Genre Comedy, Drama
Year 2012
Duration 30 min
Rating 5.9 out of 10
Description: Struggling with sex, love, career and friendship as a young twenty-something living in Brooklyn, Jason is the ultimate slacker who puts hanging with his friends, going to bars and hooking up above his entry level job where he's the lowest rung at a casting agency. It's not until a one night stand steals his heart and his pants, that he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back, and hopefully the girl, while also growing up along the way.
Comments: First of all, I started to watch this show without any expectations, only for easy entertainment. I liked the basic idea of the show, and all the simplicity of the sentence "I just want my pants back" sounded good to me. Maybe it's way too similar to How I Met Your Mother, but I still like it. The story had potential, but in the first some episodes, they've ruined it. The acting was poor, the hand recorded footage were too unfocused and so... I didn't really see the future in the show, but I gave it another go. And so I was right. The actors got way better, they started to build their own characters, and so the story got back to the main topic, with short side-stories. I think that's all I want from this show, to be simple and entertaining. So I Just Want My Pants Back is good for a teenage easy entertainment TV show, and if they'll put in the effort, and get all the potential out of the story, then it can be a very good production, that we will remember in the future.