Shut Up and Kiss Me

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Genre Gay, Comedy, Romance
Year 2010
Duration 78 min
Rating 3.3 out of 10
Description: "A Romantic Comedy for the rest of us"

A modern day take on the trials and tribulations of dating. We follow Ben as he faces the world of dating...
Comments: A fresh take on familiar themes--this 78-minute movie packs a decent amount of humor and poignancy in a short amount of time. While the main plot evolved around dating, I really enjoyed the friendship between the main character (Ben) and his straight best friend/workout buddy (Vinnie). There were a couple of brief sex scenes that may surprise (shock, delight, etc.) some viewers, but for the most part this film focuses on the importance of friendships and the challenges of dating in the gay world. This indie flick was likely shot on a budget, and like many movies you need to be in the right space to get the most out of your viewing experience. If you can be patient and suspend your disbelief like a good movie-goer should, I think you'll find this to be an enjoyable film that examines a variety of friendships and romantic relationships. P.S. I'm SOOOO glad this was available on Netflix Streaming!