From Beginning to End

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Genre Gay, Drama, Romance
Year 2009
Duration 94 min
Rating 6.5 out of 10
Description: Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.
Comments: Imma kinda out of words to write right now, but anyway the intense heat of the feeling I've just had since the end of movie, which is about ten minutes now, just wants to emerge the word LOVE itself. You won't find any other explanation for such a heart-devastating flick like this rather than your own personal feelings regarding to your own private desires. If you're into gay interest movies, don't you please, lose the chance of watching it. It is remarkably poetic and stunning. Your heart shall write the final lines for it. You'll get what I mean, once you've reached that point.LOVE itself is represented in every little second of this movie.