House of Boys

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Genre Gay, Drama, Romance
Year 2009
Duration 117 min
Rating 6.1 out of 10
Description: "This glamorous coming of age story tells the dramatic journey of Frank in 1984 through an exciting world of sex and music, when his deep passion is suddenly turned into a struggle for courage."

A glamorous, colourful coming-of-age story that follows the dramatic journey of Frank, a high school...
Comments: I liked this film a lot. Admittedly there were some questionable parts, but overall this film does what it sets out to; reel you in with many bare torsos and shove reality in your face with a hard knock, amid a love story that ultimately has you caring about it by the end.Layke Anderson is wonderful in this. I haven't seen him in anything else, but he's fantastic as the rebellious party-boy who finds his own heart. It's a shame he finds it with Benn Northover (whom I haven't seen in anything else either), who pales in comparison to pretty much every other performer in this film. He seems an odd choice next to Anderson, and his character is lost among the other, more colourful ones.Udo Kier and Stephen Webb are good for the laughs, which are few, but effective.House of Boys pulls no punches in depicting disease and the effects it can cause; this may be unsettling for some, but you'll be glad you sat through it. It's not life-changing, but see it for Anderson's performance, and Udo Kier in drag. Obviously.