Mrs. Brown's Boys - Season 2

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Genre Comedy
Year 2011
Duration 26 min
Rating 7.5 out of 10
Description: "The Mother of Comedy"
Comments: I can't get over how funny this is. I am 67, so have seen many brilliant comedies over the years but this is one of the funniest.The outtake aspect of it adds well to the whole thing. The first episode had my wife and i almost falling off the sofa in hysterical laughter. The series reminds me a bit of another low profile comedy "Still game", in it's own way almost as funny. The Miranda way of talking to the camera has always been something that i have quite enjoyed (As in "up pompeii"). Be aware that it's not for the more sensitive at heart, as it does include a lot of swearing.Let's hope it is not a one series comedy. More please.