Eating Out 4: Drama Camp

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Genre Gay, Comedy
Year 2011
Duration 90 min
Rating 5.3 out of 10
Description: Temptations at a drama camp threaten a gay relationship that may already be cooling.
Comments: This film is about Casey and Zack going to a summer drama camp to learn acting. Soon enough, they find out they get a lot more than acting lessons."Eating Out: Drama Camp" is a pleasant surprise. I like the plot a lot, as it is full of bubblegum, lighthearted happiness. It is a film to sit back and relax, then enjoy, laugh and have a good time. Apart from the brain off entertainment, there are deeper subplots of self acceptance, courage and the heart to let go when love is gone. It can bring a tear to your eyes among all the laughter. That's the beauty of "Eating Out: Drama Camp", and I really like it. I am already looking forward to the next "Eating Out".