Eating Out

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Genre Gay, Comedy, Romance
Year 2004
Duration 90 min
Rating 5.8 out of 10
Description: "The fastest way to a girl's heart is through her gay best friend."

After getting dumped by his slutty girlfriend, Caleb falls in love with Gwen. However, thanks to Caleb's roommate, Gwen thinks he's gay and sets him up with her roommate, Marc.
Comments: I must say I can't understand some of the other comments I've read about this film - even some describing it as "homophobic"? Now that's just bizarre! "Worst movie ever"?? I hardly think so. Clearly this person hasn't seen "Die Mommie Die".OK, so the production is a little amateurish, a little studenty, but when you don't have a Hollywood budget what do you expect? The people who have left negative comments all seem to be taking it a bit too seriously - reading hidden meanings and over-analyzing the screenplay when you have to remember that this film is simply a piece of light-hearted entertainment - "a load of camp old nonsense" as Julian Clary might say.I found this a thoroughly enjoyable film (and so did 99% of the audience at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival judging from their reactions) and would happily see it again. I thought is was rather amusing and would gladly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Enjoy!