Attack of the Herbals

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Genre Comedy, Horror
Year 2011
Duration 81 min
Rating 3.2 out of 10
Description: Follows two unlikely heroes who stumble upon a mysterious crate, washed ashore. The locals find that the contents make a rather addictive herbal tea that turns the villagers into crazy zombies.
Comments: Problem is: As you go along, you make a better movie in your own mind as the movie progresses. It never does. Your slightest expectation of any forthcoming scene enriching anything to be built upon is constantly diminished. Rather dull from beginning to end after the last scene. Never even decent in its attempt to show 'Comedy' that fails beyond miserably. Seems this movie was written, shot, edited, and directed by 'interns' of those who were involved with 'Sean of the Dead'Drama, Horror, blood-lust or even sex, let alone relationships, never quite evolve here. I can't condemn it and I would not recommend it by any means. It's...perfectly fine if you are on the phone while writing poetry