Definitely, Maybe

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Genre RomCom
Year 2008
Duration 112 min
Rating out of 10
Description: "Three relationships. Three disasters. One last chance."
Comments: Very good comedy that for the most part is sweet and intelligent but still comes across as lacking in the script department when some of the characters are concerned. The interaction between Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin is sweet but the story about Reynolds quest for love is not very interesting to say the least and the women he has affairs with don't have much time apiece to have the audience really get to know them plus add to the fact that they are mostly cliché stereo types anyway and you are in a complete loss of originality. Of the three women, only Rachel Weisz manages to bring more to her character in terms of solid acting and complexity but that's really because Weisz is one of the best actresses of her generation and always brings her A game to what ever she does, so much so with this film that she does nearly steal it from the leads (Reynolds and Breslin) and almost lifts the film above its cliché script problems with her fun sense of charisma but she doesn't have that much screen time and she is stuck with the most stereo typical role of the film( that of career woman) and her subplot involving Kevin Klein as her mentor does not fit with what the film is about at all and does not add to it. Despite the short comings of her character and her story, Weisz's performance is the film's one true gem.

Isla Fisher is stuck with the most predictable character in the entire film (That of the free spirit who is a lot more in touch than she seems) and you can see a mile away on where her character is going to end up, which is a shame because Fisher is a fine comedic and dramatic actress that can do a lot more if giving the task but once again, the script is stuck in cliché mold and she's not giving enough to make her character any more interesting than she can. The worse served out of all of this is Elisabeth Banks who really does not have much of a character to work with at all (That of the sweet girl next door) and she comes across as more of an after thought than some one with substance. Which is a shame because Banks is a good actress who can do much more if given a much better character to work with and that's the real crime of this film.

It's a fairly good film but it needed to have more substance than it did. Like I said before, the interaction between Reynolds and Breslin are really good and their chemistry as father and daughter is genuine and sweet but outside of them and Weisz's scene stealing performance, the film is dragged down by its own inability to give the actors more outside of their cliché characters and surroundings and that where the film falters.