Feast of Love

Details & Information from IMDB

Genre Romance
Year 2007
Duration 101 min
Rating 6.7 out of 10
Description: "A story for anyone with an appetite for love."
Comments: Great writing, great acting,(not a weak performance in the movie) a believable story line. Yes, it is a story of changing relationships and how we adjust to them. Someone in here mentioned gratuitous sex. No...the sex scenes were a necessary part of this movie it is nice to see that they were left in and not cut out making the movie jumpy. Is it just me, or do you too also want Morgan Freeman to be your next door neighbor after seeing this movie? Greg Kinnear once again shows his very strong acting range. Selma Blair...oh my is she a gem or what? Not enough of her in the movie would probably be my only complaint. It would have been interesting to see how her relationship actually progressed.