No Reservations

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Genre RomCom
Year 2007
Duration 104 min
Rating 6.3 out of 10
Description: "Something's Cooking This Summer"

The life of a top chef changes when she becomes the guardian of her young niece.
Comments: Usually I don't watch or like romantic comedies, but this one was surprisingly entertaining and enjoyable. The story was good, a lot like Raising Helen but without the charm of Kate Hudson, and also a decent adaptation from the German film Mostly Martha. The plot although it was a little predictable, it convince me gratefully. It has some very funny moments, the drama was acceptable and the romance was credible. Great cast, the acting was very decent from everyone, Catherine Zeta Jones with a role that fits her really well, Aaron Eckhart very good performance, he is a very versatile actor, the chemistry between Zeta Jones and Eckhart is awesome, you can really feel the attraction between them. And Abigail Breslin again with a very solid performance, she is building a very strong career despite of her very young age. The soundtrack was simply excellent, choosing classic music gives the movie a unique and enjoyable feeling. In conclusion, this movie is like a big slice of chocolate cake, you enjoy it to the end, but can't support another one. A film that girls will love and excellent to watch it with a love one. Not recommendable if you are single.