Lee Evans: Wired and Wonderful - Live at Wembley

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Genre Comedy
Year 2002
Duration 120 min
Rating 8.4 out of 10
Comments: Maybe I laughed at a couple of things but most of the time I just cringed at his over the top impression of Norman Wisdom/Robin Williams.

I think this is more of a stand up show for people with a mid to low IQ or who can't be arsed to THINK about the observations that a comedian is making.

If you watch soaps, big brother, football, X factor or any other trash TV then this is the DVD for you. Otherwise, go rent an Eddie Izzard DVD.

Oh, and what the hell was that 'musical' number all about at the end? The one where the song sounded like a song written by a 5 year old, went on for 6 hours and had the pretentious idiot's Father miming(yes, miming) the sax solo???