X-Men: The Last Stand

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Genre Sci-Fi
Year 2006
Duration 104 min
Rating 7.1 out of 10
Description: The X-Men, mutant heroes sworn to defend a world that hates and fears them, are back! This time, with the help of new recruits The Beast and Angel, they must face evolution itself in the form of their former teammate, Jean Grey. Possessed with the cosmic power of the Dark Phoenix, the resurrected Jean Grey has become a danger to herself, her mutant comrades, and the entire planet. To stave off this imminent threat to humanity, a potential cure is discovered and processed to treat -- and ultimately eliminate -- genetic mutations, once and for all. Now, as the battle lines are drawn, the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier, must contend with both Jean Grey's world-consuming powers, as well as the malevolent Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto.
Comments: Okay. Before I saw this movie, I had read numerous reviews on it. Some said that it was bad. Some said said that it was good. I had to make my own assumption. After seeing it, I can honestly say I loved X-Men The Last Stand. Yes the story was kinda simple and the characters weren't as fleshed out as in the other two X-Men movies, but it was great nonetheless. It did have some other downsides to it. The main one I think was that it didn't follow the comic book closely. But don't be nitpicking the entire movie otherwise you're not going to have a fun time. Just go there and watch the movie. It also left way for maybe a sequel or two (I'm not going to spoil anything. Just watch after the credits). It was a fitting end to this X-men trilogy.