Save the Last Dance 2

Details & Information from IMDB

Genre Teen
Year 2006
Duration 90 min
Rating 4.5 out of 10
Description: I think the moves are great. It's very very nice. I have never seen before, such great combination of hip hop and ballet. It's a nice love story. If you love to see people dance and dance to the music, this movie is made for you. It looks a bit like the movie step up, music, dance and love, but both are great movies. The musics composed are very creative and very touching, where the Miles compose music with Sarah's heart beat. That is genius. The songs are not only just hip hop but with classical music and many more. What are you waiting for, this is a movie that you must watch. If you love arts, music, dance, hip hop, ballet, this is the movie created for you. This movie teaches people that you must follow your dreams using your heart, no matter how hard it is, do what it is best for you, not for others. Although, sometimes life seems so hard to reach your goal but don't give up, do it to perfection. Once you have achieved it, you would be so happy that you would be thinking, "Luckly, I didn't give up my dream." It's all though hardwork and effort that i have put in just like Sarah.
Comments: I liked this movie just about as much as the first, if not more. I know it's odd to say that about a sequel, and a sequel going straight to DVD without it's original cast no less, but I really liked it. I thought it was a good movie about following your heart and finding your place and passion. Some people are saying that it has the same storyline as the original, but I didn't see that. I thought it was completely different. There are different people, different surroundings. Sarah is already at Julliard in this one and she's in love with rap and hip-hop music at this point. How can you be more different than that? I'll definitely buy it to add it to the original in my collection of DVDs at home. :)