The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe

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Genre Adventure
Year 2005
Duration 143 min
Rating 7.4 out of 10
Description: Based on the 2nd in the series of books by CS Lewis, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, tells the story of 4 children who go to live with an old professor during the war. One day, while playing hide and seek, Lucy, the youngest of the children, finds a wardrobe which leads to a magical land called Narnia. However Narnia is being ruled by the evil White Witch who has made it snow for 100 years and according the an old prophecy, Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan are the "chosen ones" who will defeat the Witch. They are assisted by the true ruler of Narnia, the lion, Aslan. With the good Narnians on their side all 4 children must now defeat the witch using all their strength and fulfill their destinies to become the new kings and queens of Narnia.
Comments: The visuals for this film are absolutely stunning. Just breathtaking. The acting is done well, the voice-overs included. the CG animation on the creatures are marvelous.

I read this series over and over as a child and just re-read them recently in anticipation of the movie. Although as a purist-at-heart I was slightly disappointed to see even a second of the precious work edited, overall I am amazed at how well they adapted the tale to fit into a neat little 2 hour time frame. I feel that nothing important was omitted and the parts that were adjusted in the script were done so well that it still could have passed for C.S. Lewis' own hand.

I was lucky enough to preview this film (and to see it free, to boot), but I am certain that I will be trekking to the theatre to see it a few more times on the big screen. BRAVO!