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Genre Crime
Year 2006
Duration 105 min
Rating 5.8 out of 10
Description: Jack Stanfield is a bank's security chief who has designed a computer system & firewall to protect his employer from fraud. One day, after being introduced to a man named Bill Cox who is interested in working with Jack on a security project, Jack finds himself ambushed and staring down a gun barrel. The man holding the gun is Cox. When Jack arrives home the motive for the meeting becomes clear: Cox & his gang of violent, psychopathic thieves want Jack to hack through his employer's computer security & transfer $100 million to Cox's bank accounts in the Caymans. Failure to comply means the murder of Jack's family. Stanfield realizes this will implicate him as an embezzler but he complies. However, even after Cox has the money, it becomes obvious that he had no intention of letting anyone live and kidnaps the family to kill them & hide their bodies, leaving one of his henchman to eliminate Jack. When Jack kills the thug who was supposed to kill him, the sociopathic Cox's plans are ruined. Jack must race against time to get his family back before Cox and his fellow thugs carry out their murderous plans.
Comments: which ain't saying much. In fact, I think Harrison Ford throws a fire extinguisher at a bad guy in that film, too.

Harrison Ford reprises his role as frantic husband trying to save his family. In this case, he's an IT security manager at a major bank, and some guys kidnap his wife and kids until he can help them rob the place...electronically.

Decent premise. However, instead of doing what any normal IT manager would do: "cooperate", he senses that this won't be good enough, because his family has "already seen their faces". So on this risky hunch alone, the responsible father decides to try and thwart the robbers' plans, leading to several missed chances for the robbers to simply kill his family in retaliation.

This film will appeal to families, and hardcore Harrison Ford fans. But it will be too predictable and unbelievable for most adult suspense-lovers. Paul Bettany is an excellent villain, but because of the bad plot of this movie, he actually loses stature because in order for the film to continue, he cannot instantly retaliate to Ford's foolish actions.

It would have actually been a more intelligent film had Ford's character tried to cooperate with the robbers, but ran into dicey technical problems at the bank with his cohorts (nicely played by Alan Arkin and Robert Patrick). Then, the audience would be given a dose of some tense reality-at-work suspense, instead of the usual family-loves-a hero stuff we get here.