The Long Weekend

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Genre Comedy
Year 2005
Duration 85 min
Rating 4.8 out of 10
Description: A comedy about two brothers, uptight Ed and playboy Cooper. Ed has a weekend to save his career, but Cooper has other plans for the weekend; to help his stressed out brother get lucky with the ladies.
Comments: I saw this at the 2006 Palm Springs International Film Festival. I don't know how they let this sneak into the festival but it somehow got accepted and was one of the weekend late night screenings. I normally would have passed on a film like this but it was a late night showing and I like going to the late night screenings so what the heck. Barely had the opening credits ended and people were already walking out on it. I thought, wow, if people think this is so distasteful that they are were walking out already I need to see this through. This was actually a nice relief from a lot of the heavy and somber art films I had been seeing. This is a movie not a film. It's tasteless, crass, sophomoric and relies on bathroom humor and sex jokes. And it's pretty funny too. This is so intentionally over the top that it's quite fun. Cooper and Ed are both funny and charming. The characters they meet throughout the film, people who are on screen for just a minute or so, are more interesting and have more character development than many characters in sophisticated serious movies. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to just anyone but I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I'd give this a 7.0 out of a possible 10.