The Perfect Catch

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Genre Comedy
Year 2005
Duration 103 min
Rating 6.5 out of 10
Description: According to Boston Red Sox super fan Ben Wrightman (Fallon), finding romance is just as likely as his beloved team winning the World Series. But then Ben meets Lyndsey Meeks (Barrymoore), and suddenly anything's possible. Well... until Spring Training begins, and Lindsey sees Ben on ESPN in Florida acting like an idiot. But these games don't count, and she knows that there may be trouble once the first pitch is thrown. But she seems fine about it, because as she competes for a promotion, she says Ben won't be affected by her at work all the time. But things really get out of hand when Lyndsey gets hit by a line drive foul ball off of Baltimore Orioles' Miguel Tejada, and the Sox begin to loose. The relationship picks up, but when Lyndsey gives Ben the opportunity to go to Paris with her, he turns it down, because Seattle's rolling in and the Sox are 3 1/2 games behind New York and Ben says that they need him. Later, the Red Sox are in the ALCS against New York, and fall behind three games to none. Then, Ben decides to sell his Red Sox tickets to make Lyndsey happy and say that he loves her. She's at Game 4, and Lindsey has to find a way to get him to stop selling his tickets, and can the Sox finally win it all?
Comments: I went to see Fever Pitch with my Mom, and I can say that we both loved it. It wasn't the typical romantic comedy where someone is pining for the other, and blah blah blah... You weren't waiting for the climatic first kiss or for them to finally get together. It was more real, because you saw them through the relationship, rather than the whole movie be about them getting together. People could actually relate to the film, because it didn't seem like extraordinary circumstances, or impossible situations. It was really funny, and I think it was Jimmy Fallon's best performance. All in all... I would definitely recommend it!