Judge John Deed - Disk 1

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Genre Drama
Year 2001
Duration 90 min
Rating 7.7 out of 10
Description: When judge John Deed takes the case of a man who has killed the driver responsible for his daughter's death, the high court judge gets personally involved in the situation.
Comments: This drama, about the womanizing, arrogant, larger than life Judge John Deed is extremely watchable, if not a little flawed. It does not take long for the idea that Deed's character is a little unreal, but who cares this is TV.

Martin Shaw is excellent as the judge with a high idealistic stance when it comes to applying the letter of the law, and complete lack of morals when it comes to choosing who he shares a bed with. Or desk, car, floor.....

The court scenes are a little irritating where the supposedly impartial Judge seems obsessed on becoming either the defence or prosecution depending on his quickly conceived point of view. If this is typical of the British justice system I'm not surprised that most major cases seem to go to appeal. His fight against political interference is a better storyline as his stubbornness frustrates Rochester and his cronies, who are continually plotting how next to stab him in the back.

The supporting cast is excellent, with Jenny Seagrove and Jemma Redgrave oozing sex appeal as the two main objects of Deed's desire. Also worthy of a mention is the very natural performance of Louisa Clein as Deed's product of a broken home, pro-activist, university student daughter.

Overall this is an excellent addition to the BBC's line up which has been lacking enough good drama series. Though it is not quite good enough to fill the void left by Channel 4's near perfect North Square. I will stay glued for the rest of the series and hopefully this, unlike North Square, will have another series commissioned.