Our House

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Genre Comedy
Year 2003
Duration 89 min
Rating 5.6 out of 10
Description: Alex Rose (Stiller) and Nancy Kendricks (Barrymore) are a young, professional, New York couple in search of their dream home. When they finally find the perfect Brooklyn brownstone they are giddy with anticipation. The duplex is a dream come true, complete with multiple fireplaces, except for one thing: Mrs. Connelly (Eileen Essel), the cranky old lady who lives on the rent-controlled top floor. Assuming she is elderly and ill, they take the apartment but their hopes are quickly dashed when they realize that Mrs. Connelly is an energetic senior who enjoys watching her television at top volume day in and day out and rehearsing in a brass band. A writer, Alex is attempting to finish his novel against a looming deadline. However, each day as he begins to write, he is interrupted by Mrs. Connelly's numerous demands and requests and what begins as a nuisance quickly escalates into an all-out war. When Nancy loses her job and the pair are trapped at home together with Mrs. Connelly, their rage turns to homicidal fantasy as they plot ways to get rid of their no-good neighbour...
Comments: Hey now, this is kind of a modern throw-back to the screwball comedies of the 60's, I guess, except I can't think of any movie where Doris Day barfed on Rock Hudson, or shot him in the willy. Times have changed. A young couple (Drew Barrymore & Ben Stiller) buy an apartment in Brooklyn and find out they have a tenant, a sweet old lady. Sometimes. More often, conniving, manipulative, and most of all, maddening. How I rate comedies generally depends on whether or not I laugh out loud while watching them by myself, and I did laugh quite a few times for this one, so that's a good sign. At any rate, after a long string of mishaps,many of which are hilarious, the aforementioned nice young couple decide that they need to do in their tenant. Easier said than done, of course. I won't say that Drew Barrymore is the best actress in the world, but Ben Stiller & whoever played the old lady are just great, and I found this to be pretty hilarious. The box makes some comparison to Something About Mary & Meet The Parents (the latter of which I have not seen) but I really hated Something About Mary and was hesitant to get this. I'm glad I did. Oh, and this is directed by Danny Devito, who got slammed for "Death To Smoochy".....which I also enjoyed. Guess I just like mean spirited humor, and there's a bit of that here too. Recommended.