The Sweetest Thing

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Genre Teen
Year 2002
Duration 88 min
Rating 4.6 out of 10
Description: To ease their roommate (Selma Blair) through a relationship-induced depression, Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate take her out on the town. During their attempts to find her "Mr. Right Now", Diaz meets Peter Donahue, played aptly by Thomas Jane. Missing her opportunity with him that night, Cameron Diaz is talked into pursuing him to his brother's wedding. The ensuing road trip packs even more slapstick and locker room humor into an "already-bursting" movie.
Comments: This movie is so bad it isn't even worth to be commented. But in hope that maybe I can keep only one single person from watching it I have to write something about it. First: If anyone in any other job made such a horrid decision Diaz and Applegate (whom I both really like to watch normally) made with starring in this terrible piece of nothing he/ she would be fired at once. The "jokes" don't work, the script is lousy and the whole thing is annoying. I'm surely one to enjoy some naughty stuff it it's well acted and actually funny but in this case you really feel ashamed yourself just because you're watching it. If Cameron and Christina some time really make it into the "serious actress" category all they can do is pray that nobody ever confronts them with the "penis song" scene. Any actress with real standards would have walked off the set but money sometimes is everything. Why not make a fool of yourself if you get some millions for doing so? Do yourself a favour and don't watch this one - especially when you're an admirer of Selma Blair. In each and every scene she's in she's got to forget all her professional standards in case she's ever had some. (This may sound harsh but actually she's got to do some of the most tasteless "funny" scenes you can expect for a first-class production you expect this one to be because of the big names involved in it.) 0 points for this one. It's awful, boring and pitiful.