The Big Bounce

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Genre Crime
Year 2004
Duration 88 min
Rating 4.8 out of 10
Description: Surfer/drifter/con man Jack Ryan (Wilson) makes his way to Hawaii and lands a job caring for an Walter Crewes (Freeman), a judge on the island. His new gig leads to an involvement with an beautiful, enterprising woman (Foster), who's really the lover of a real estate tycoon (Sinise) - a shady businessman and longtime rival of Judge Crewes. Ryan, naturally, has to choose between the woman, the money, or the honorable path.
Comments: The Big Bounce looked set to become another laugh-free, empty, crude comedy, with lots of sexual humor and an overload of women in bikinis; a type of movie that people seem to want to make these days (although it has to be said that these days this kind of movie is sadly quite successful). Actually, it's a vacuously enjoyable, if occasionally rather desperate comedy with some nice, sun-bleached photography, and a few funny scenes.

And on closer inspection there are actually a lot of things going for it. First of all helmer George Armitage also directed the fabulous and completely hysterical black comedy Grosse Pointe Blank with John Cusack; it has Owen Wilson, one of the better young comedians, who proved himself in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums and Shanghai Noon (in which he was by far the funniest thing); there is also the reassuring presence of Morgan Freeman, a man who usually elevates films from bad to mediocre.

Despite all this it has to be said that the Big Bounce is most certainly NOT a great film. It has leads that are pleasant to the eye, a simple storyline that doesn't require the brain to be switched on and both the relaxed leads and the enjoyably laid back direction act accordingly, delivering appropriately mindless entertainment that thankfully doesn't depend on much activity from the brain.

Definitely don't go if you want some sort of mental activity, because The Big Bounce is nothing (at all) more than a fairly good and very brainless laugh that lasts a short 90 minutes.

And there really shouldn't be much left to remember the morning after.