Something's Gotta Give

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Genre RomCom
Year 2003
Duration 128 min
Rating 6.8 out of 10
Description: Sixty-three year old Harry has a reputation for dating girls a third his age. Taking Marin, his latest belle, back to her beach house for the weekend he is taken aback when her mother Erica unexpectedly turns up. Suffering a heart attack while romancing Marin, Harry finds himself housebound with Erica his nurse and only companion. As they grudgingly get to know each other something starts to stir, though as the hosptital doctor who treated him has taken a shine to Erica, Harry could have serious competition.
Comments: Jack Nicholson plays Harry, a 63 year old bachelor celebrated in magazine articles as ‘The Escape Artist' for his ongoing success in escaping ‘the noose'. Harry has a policy of only dating women under 30, but things start to go wrong on a romantic weekend with his current squeeze, Marin (Amanda Peet). First, Marin's mother, Erica (Diane Keaton), arrives. Then, he has a heart attack when attempting to consummate the relationship. Finally, and most worryingly, he starts to fall for Erica, a woman his own age.

It's refreshing to a December to December romance onscreen, even if the leads are unfeasibly attractive, and the film generates a lot of funny moments from the premise, such as when Erica has to take Harry's blood pressure before sex. Nicholson and Keaton are utterly charming, and you can see why their chemistry has led to rumours of romance, and even marriage, although the pair claim to be just good friends.

Another appealing aspect is the way the film steers clear of clichés. Harry and Erica flirt and coo like children, and research each other on the internet. They are the story's most sexual and most desired characters; in this film the old people are chased rather than chaste. There's nudity too, but unlike in About Schmidt, there's nothing comic or brave about it. Keaton looks fantastic, to the extent that when Keanu Reeves' charming doctor persistently pursues her we're not in the least surprised. The only slight lapse of taste is one marshmallow-soft focus shot straight out of a cheap photographer's window – a bizarre choice in a film that celebrates wrinkles.

Something's Gotta Give is very enjoyable, but doesn't quite hit the highs of As Good As It Gets. This is partly because it's a little unbelievable – if we believe Harry is really dating troupes of supermodels (and the film repeatedly tells us he's a wealthy hiphop producer to try and paper over this crack), then we're not likely to also believe that Erica has been left on the shelf. The other slight issue is that there's not enough to prevent them getting together. In As Good As It Gets Nicholson is intolerably rude and oblivious, and great to watch as a result. Here he's selfish, and a bit primitive, but essentially quite charming.

Besides which, would any woman really consider Nicholson over Keanu Reeves these days?