School of Rock

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Genre Comedy
Year 2003
Duration 108 min
Rating 7.3 out of 10
Description: After being fired from his own band, the guitar player Dewey Finn (Jack Black) needs to raise some money to pay for his rent and his bills. When his friend and school teacher Ned Schneebly (Mike White) is called to a temporary work in an expensive private school, Dewey pretends to be Ned and accepts the job. He finds talented young musicians in his class, and he decides to form a rock-and-roll band with the students and win a competition called "Battle of Bands" to raise the prize and be recognized in the show business.
Comments: At last, a relief to those seeking refuge from modern comedy and teen movie clichés. A film that excels in comedic performances and inspirational story-telling. This movie, well, rocks. In Richard Linklater's latest comedy, Dewey Finn (Black), an enthusiastic "old school rocker", is overtaken by depression and debt after having been abandoned by his former rock band. In desperate need of money, Dewey accepts the occupation as a substitute teacher, an offer originally intended for his room-mate Ned Schneebly (actor and writer Mike White.) What ensues is an outrageous narrative in which Dewey assembles "The School of Rock", consisting of his fourth grade students, to compete at the local "Battle of the Bands". The School of Rock is a triumphant film complete with a talented cast of memorable characters. Jack Black delivers another outstanding comedic performance and is gradually ranking among Hollywood's finest.

Final Grade: A+