Digital & Satellite TV - Technical Information Links

Newsgroup - Satellite TV Europe - Lots of information here from technical to novice user!
Newsgroup - Satellite TV Sky - Newsgroup dedicated to Sky TV
Newsgroup - Digital TV UK - Technical Newsgroup for On-Digital viewers

BBC Radio Transmitters - Includes a link to Engineering Works
BBC & ITV TV Transmitters
- TV Transmitter lists from the BBC

UK TV Transmitters
- Detailed Transmitter Information
Terrestrial Digital TV - Will you be able to receive it? - Enter your postcode into this....
Digital Spy - Site full of Information & News about Digital TV
UK & ROI TV Reception - A wealth of information here
Megalithia Terrain Mapping - Enter Co-ordinates and check out line of site from aerial to transmitter
Worldwide Analogue TV Standards - All the TV broadcast standards around the world

Satellite TV in the UK - Lots of Facts & Information here
Astra Frequencies - The definitive list of Satellite TV frequencies - every satellite in orbit around the world is listed (updated daily)
Astra 2D Website - Help in continental reception of Astra 2D
Unlisted Channels - Other channels not numbered on the Sky EPG - (ie all the ITV regions)